Top 5 Tips For Modern Moms

It is no secret that an image of a woman who has time for everything is in trend today. Jack-of-all-trades: a wife, a mom, a lady of the house and a business lady all in one. However, in chase of such an image moms inevitably wonder if it is possible to combine work and family without prejudice to the child.

1. Treat yourself with care.

Both motherhood and professional self-realization require a lot of energy. It is necessary to replenish your life regularly in order to combine both activities safely for health and good relationship within the family.

Find something that helps you, and that it is available for frequent use. It will be better if such methods will be different and let your family know about them. In this case, it would be easier to support you.

2. Prioritize.

Combining work and children upbringing you have to find balance and choose something. Pick out what is important for you and requires the greatest concentration and efforts. And let the rest take its course.

There are duties, which have to be done regularly, and it is hard to go without them, for example, food cooking. Think at how to make the task easier. Say if the rissoles are baked in oven their taste is almost the same as that fried in the pan, but you pay much less attention to them.

3. Ask for the help.

There are many options: relatives, nannies, baby-sitters, homemakers and different services like home delivery and dry-cleaning. Do not forget about home appliances. Multicooker helps to decide an issue of a healthy breakfast without sacrificing sleep. Robot vacuum cleaner will freshen the floors in the apartment and evening watching of filmstrips will help children fall asleep.

By the way, slide projectors are produced nowadays and modern devices have even more options. For example, “MULTiKUBIK” company produces CINEMOOD mini-cinemas. Besides cartoons, it contains an entire library of filmstrips. You can lie down on the bed with a child, direct a ray of projection on the ceiling, and read him or her fairy tales with pictures in the dark. Such a tradition guarantees an untroubled sleep for children and some more free time for you.

Not only with physical help, you can also seek help financially. When the going gets tough, and you need basic items, don’t be ashamed asking for help. You may need to borrow money to buy blankets sometimes. That’s what mothers do for love of their kids.

4. Show creativity.

Some things can be done simultaneously: you can knit and tell a fairy tale to the child, listen a webinar and do gymnastics.

Think of how to fill the forced pauses in traffic jams, queues, waiting to start the computer, near the dormant baby who does not want to let you go.

5. Draw the child into.

Some part of your staff from the list is quite able to do with your child, without waiting him for sleep.

Children can put things in their places (if the baby is small yet, he can be carried away with a “pimply” film, and you can entrust elder child with sorting by colors or size), staple the documents, put papers by folders and print with their own toy printer in a way like mom does if the process will be in the form of the game.