Russian Nesting Dolls Painting Tips That You’ll Be Excited To Try

Our nesting doll is known all over the world, it has become one of the symbols of Russia. This is not only a bright toy for children, but also a wonderful souvenir that can be made with your own hands and presented to a dear person as a souvenir. To do this, you need to buy nesting dolls and equip them with PVA glue, brushes, paints, primer, varnish and cloths for wiping brushes. Before you get to know when the first Russian nesting doll was made, you will have to be specific on the use of the same.

Stages of work

Surface preparation

If it is rough, remove them with emery cloth. Next, the workpiece must be primed with white glue, diluted with water in a ratio of about 1: 2.

Creating a sketch

First, on paper, you should draw the appearance of the doll with the smallest details, and then make a drawing with a pencil on the form itself. If something does not work out, the pencil can be easily erased with a regular eraser and correct the failed fragment.

Execution of the main figure

Carefully apply gouache on a painted scarf, sundress, hair. Apply the main lines with little mashed toothpicks, and then blend them a little.

Development of small parts

The most important task is face painting. Mark yellow areas with yellow paint, then highlight the shadows with a darker shade, then paint the darkest areas with a brown color. Light places paint over white paint. Perform the same procedure with your hands. Color the eye iris, then apply eyelashes and eyebrows. To give a lively look, apply a few drops of white paint to the area of ??the pupils using the same toothpick, paint a sundress, a kokoshnik, earrings and beads in the spot technique.

The final stage is coating the surface with varnish. Acrylic composition will not work – it will be smeared with paint. The product should dry well, and then you can apply a few more layers of varnish to make the surface of the toy more durable.

Foreign guests traditionally buy the nested doll, but the Russians do not forget about this bright and interesting accessory. It is given for any holidays, birthdays, or just as a memory of yourself and of the time spent together. A portrait matryoshka made to order can be a particularly pleasant surprise for a loved one. These toys have always been and remain the object of admiration and a symbol of the breadth of the Russian soul.

Russian souvenirs: Matryoshka

Russian nesting dolls are a popular gift. Dolls are traditionally made of natural wood and painted  by hand. Matryoshka is a great choice for a birthday present, Christmas present or souvenir.

Types of Russian nesting dolls

You can buy a matryoshka doll of different sizes and styles. In traditional style, it is done in the form of political figures, cartoon characters and historical figures. Political-themed dolls often have the current president or leader of a country, as the largest doll and its predecessors. The number of dolls and the size of the largest doll vary from the set to the set.

Buy nesting doll online

In the online store, you can buy hand made babushka dolls. Available in different sizes and designs, from politicians to children’s cartoon characters, festive and sports nesting dolls make an unforgettable Christmas present. Children will love the Nesting dolls in the style of characters from their favorite cartoons. They will have an interesting pastime and dolls perfectly help develop motor skills in young children. 

The companies offer wooden blanks of dolls in bulk and retail with the possibility of delivery to any region of Russia.

Nested dolls without painting or, as they are also called, coloring dolls are a great option for those who have a craving for drawing. Such wooden blank of the nesting dolls does not have a pattern, and therefore allows you to create your own small work of art – an absolutely unique thing, endowed with a piece of your own soul.

Matryoshka-coloring can not only please adults, but also will be an excellent gift for children. With its help, the child will be able to develop his abilities of the artist, to unleash creativity.

It is worth the Semenov matryoshka-coloring is inexpensive and is sold in different variations: from three to ten components, several types of form. Also in our catalog you will find a rich assortment of ready-made, already painted matryoshka, as well as wooden spoons, Khokhloma dishes and souvenirs.

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High quality nesting dolls

All the proposed matryoshka blanks are made using environmentally friendly wood and paint materials, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates and documentation.